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doitcheaply's Journal

Doing it cheaply
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Do you:

...know where to find coupons that help you save money?
...have a strategy to help you save money when you buy groceries?
...save money by making your home more energy efficient?
...buy bulk and find you're saving money?
...have suggestions for saving money on gas or other transportation?
...know ways to have fun for free?

We're here to help save money in the current economy!

Posting rules:

For a personal suggestion, please include a source link at the bottom to whatever store or activity you are referencing, if one exists.

For an article that you are sharing, please include a source link at the bottom for the article.

Member Rules

Please remember we are a community of like-minded individuals. No bashing, flaming, or harassing. We are here to respect one another's opinions, and to help each other.

No advertising of other communities. If we have sister communities, there will be a mod post.